We are designers, refrigeration engineers and manufacturers

Our team of professionals is made up of specialists from different fields in order to offer the best service to our clients, analysing their needs and providing them with the best possible solutions.

Who's who at Singular Shop

Designers, refrigeration specialists and manufacturers are at your disposal to create a unique space, which suits your needs and above all with the aim of innovating, creating a unique space; your personal brand to attract your customers and offer them the best of your products, boosting sales as well as reaching new clients.

Víctor Viladomiu


    Eduard Ribes

    Project Manager

      Alberto Bohera

      Technical Design Dept

        Manolo Medina

        Technical Dept. of Refrigeration Systems

          Manuel Medina

          Technical Dept. of Refrigeration Systems

            Our factory

            We always take into account the needs of our customers in all our projects in order to obtain the best possible results. We design each display showcase according to the best solution, not only in terms of creativity but also in terms of sales. Like this design and customisation are combined and are effective in attracting new customers and displaying products. We know that your main goal is to increase sales and continue to increase the confidence and trust of your customers.

            Would you like to collaborate with us?

            If you are a professional who works with wood, glass or any other decorative element that can be of use to us in your city, at Singular Shop, we love to collaborate with local businesses in each of the places where we carry out our projects. Therefore, if you like our interior designs, we would be delighted to hear your proposals to work together in the creation of innovative spaces with a unique personality.