Modern greengrocers: revamp your business


Modern greengrocers: revamp your business

First impressions of any establishment are very important, especially in the case of a modern greengrocer’s shop, as people can form a conclusive opinion. This is definitely something shops should think about, as their appearance can make a customer return or not, regardless of the quality of the product itself.

In case you want to set up a modern greengrocer’s that stands out and has a timeless design, Singular Shop will provide you with a series of ideas and tips to accomplish your goal:

  • Define your style: it is very important for any greengrocer to follow a clear and defined style. Some time ago it was common for greengrocers to stick to a rural style, and this is still the case, although with the new trends. Nowadays, more and more owners are daring to try something trendier and more innovative.
  • Focus on colours: as we all know, fruit has very appealing colours that catch everyone’s eye. You have to know how to make the most of this when decorating your establishment. If you use neutral, light colours on the floors and walls, it will be much easier for the fruit itself to take centre stage without anything detracting customers.
  • Corporate image: we should not forget that in any business it is important to have a logo or distinctive image, this way buyers will make a connection as soon as they see it. The logo can be used as a decorative element in some area of the shop so that more people will recognise it.
  • Highlight the offers: nowadays, people are constantly comparing prices and looking at the deals that each shop offers. Therefore, if you have an attractive bargain, make sure you advertise it with posters or some other eye-catching element.
  • Buy quality equipment: any business that handles fresh produce must have the best equipment to ensure that it is properly maintained. The equipment must also be kept perfectly clean and organised so that people can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Pay attention to how the products are displayed: everything in the shop must be clean and organised, but particularly the products that we are going to sell. It is essential to pay close attention to the condition of the fruit and vegetables we are selling in order to offer only the best possible produce.


Where can you go if you want to set up a modern greengrocer’s?

Having a team of industry professionals advise you and provide you with what you need for your business is a good start. Like this you can be sure that your business has the best equipment with the best finishes. At Singular Shop we can provide you with a fully customised project with which you can get everything you want and need for your establishment.

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