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Merchandising in modern delis

When we enter any shop, whether it is a supermarket with a wide variety of products or a modern delicatessen with the best facilities, although we may not notice it at first glance, nothing is left to chance.


Merchandising in shops

Merchandising, i.e., the way in which products are displayed in a shop, is playing an increasingly important role in the retail sector. Although there are several ways or theories about this concept, there are some that are more recurrent and have a greater number of advantages.

Some of the factors that favour sales in any commercial business are smells and sounds. It is common to change the rhythm of the music depending on what we want the customer to do; if there are a lot of people and we want them to move fast, we will play faster music than if there are few people and we want them to relax and look around calmly.

It is also important to maintain the right temperature. If the customer does not feel comfortable, they will want to leave as soon as possible and may not ever come back.


Guidelines or tips for product placement

Although we have already discussed some general aspects to take into account to promote sales, there are some criteria regarding the interior structure of the shop that could help; these are divided into hot and cold zones:

  • Hot zones: these are the areas that customers have to walk through. It is recommended to place all the products that we want to highlight here to boost sales.
  • Cold zones: unlike the previous ones, these are the areas of a shop that are more difficult to reach and are not as visible. Therefore, the best thing to do is to place basic necessities here, as this is the way to get customers to go to them.

Although at first glance it may seem rather straightforward, not all shops and businesses adopt this approach, either because of the shop itself or because of what they sell. We recommend that if you want to create a good marketing plan and achieve a trendy shop that promotes increased sales, you turn to professionals who can create a strategic plan for your specific business.

At Singular Shop we specialise in the design and refurbishment of any type of commercial space, such as fishmongers, bakeries, butchers and modern delicatessens.

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