Design and interior design

At Singular Shop we offer a all-inclusive service for the design and interior design of your shop. For us, achieving maximum satisfaction is our main goal, which is why we work closely with our clients to achieve the expected result, taking care of everything down to the smallest detail.

Design and commercial interior design

We operate worldwide. Since our foundation, we have offered our service reaching all cities and towns. We have carried out projects all over the world.

Moreover, we have worked all over the world. We go wherever you need us. We have the necessary equipment and professional team to be able to provide our service anywhere.

Our shop design and interior design service


We sit down with the client to define the business objectives and find the best formula for creating the ideal point of sale to complement their business strategy. In order to achieve a result-oriented solution, we put all our experience at the client’s disposal to assist and advise them on the solutions that will most effectively help them achieve their objectives. The functionality of the space is key, so we develop comprehensive solutions taking into account the characteristics of the venue and the needs that need to be covered.


Once the project has been defined, the design phase begins. In order to achieve the best possible result, we travel as many times as necessary to measure the space and draw up the drawings and sketches in 3D. We create the complete project and develop virtual designs so that the client can visualise what the end result will look like. It is important to combine the functional part with the aesthetic part, to create unique spaces that are visually attractive and at the same time practical for the proper running of the business.


We provide the initial drawings and sketches, and we sit down with the client to fine-tune any aspects considered necessary, or to look for alternative solutions until the final design is fully approved. We make all the changes requested by the client, until the proposal is ready.


Together with the client, we visit the different suppliers of the materials we work with. We choose all the components, lighting, furniture and finishes to be used in the commercial design and interior design project. We know the industry and thanks to our years of experience, we have managed to establish solid business relationships with our main suppliers, being able to offer you competitive prices for the highest quality materials. We help and advise you to make the most appropriate choice according to your needs and those of the space.

Design and interior design for shops

We specialise in shops that need cooling equipment to keep products in optimal conditions, both in terms of temperature and humidity. We are manufacturers of customised refrigerated display cases, tailor-made to the client’s needs.


Market stalls: We have worked at all the main markets, carrying out different types of commercial design and interior design projects.

Butchers and Delicatessens: We create modern as well as classic spaces, at the forefront and using the latest innovations.

Poultry shops: We apply logic to create luminous spaces in which the product stands out and the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality is achieved.

Fishmongers: We design unique projects customised to the client’s style, developing original ideas and practical solutions.

Fruit shops: We configure the layout of the different components within the establishment to achieve an attractive setting that catches the eye.

Pastry shops: We use different ideas for each shop, making your business unique and unlike any other.

Coffee shops and tasting areas: We look for the perfect solution to create a unique atmosphere that matches the owner’s identity.

Discover what we bring to the table

Our work ethic and commitment to the client bring added value to the work we do, which translates into satisfied clients, full dedication, and attention to detail.

Extensive experience: Our experience has allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge of the industry. Thanks to this, we can offer the needed professional background to find the best solution for your shop.

We manufacture customised display cases: We design and create customised refrigerated display cases for your business. Our commitment to quality ensures a durable product with an elegant finish adapted to your style.

Reliable suppliers: Throughout these years, we have managed to select the best suppliers, and have established a close commercial relationship with all of them. This guarantees the punctuality and quality in the delivery of each of the materials that we are going to use in the project.

Design team: Our designers are experts when it comes to the latest trends in shop design as well as interior design, constantly applying new and original concepts that get the most out of your business.

Adapted solutions: We are constantly innovating to offer a different solution when there are spatial limitations or when you want something specific that needs to be developed and is different from what is already on the market.