Modern and functional butcher’s shops


The importance of packaging in modern butchers’ shops

There are many entrepreneurs who would like to have a modern butcher’s shop, but they do not know where to start or what they need to do to achieve it. Selling quality food is just as important as selling it in a properly decorated shop and presenting it in personalised packaging.

What is packaging?

First of all, let’s determine what packaging is: it is the wrapping or container we use to present our products to customers. A few years ago packaging was something of minor importance, but nowadays it is acquiring a key role in the whole buying and selling process.

The packaging we use to deliver anything, be it meat or any other type of product, will be the first thing the customer sees. Having the right packaging with our brand identity adds value to our business.

All packaging has to be of the best possible quality and have a distinctive design. In the case of butchers and fishmongers, it is important to use materials that allow proper preservation and that do not interfere with the taste and quality of the product.


Packaging in modern butchers’ shops

Once we have briefly explained what packaging is and what it consists of, we will now explain some of the design aspects that should be taken into account if we want to include personalised packaging in our business:

  • Include your logo or corporate identity: it is important to try to include something that is related to your business in your packaging.
  • Personalised design: for a good packaging to work, it is important to choose the right colour and shape, as well as trying to make it fully functional. If the customer’s needs or preferences are taken into account, it is very likely that they will return to our shop, regardless of the product they bought.
  • Labelling: according to the Food Safety and Nutrition Agency, there are certain rules to follow regarding the information on labelling of all fresh produce. You can do this in a distinctive and attractive way.
  • Different packaging solutions for different products: different packaging can be used for fresh produce (hamburgers, pre-cooked meals, etc.). In this way, the customer will know what the product is in a more visual way.
  • Hygiene: It is important to choose materials that maintain hygienic conditions and are functional at the same time.
  • We recommend that when choosing the right packaging to represent our butcher’s, fishmonger’s, greengrocer’s or any other business, we should not copy the competition or other brands: the best thing to do is to create our own image that sets us apart from the rest.

Singular Shop hopes that you have found this information helpful and that, if you have any doubts about the design or refurbishment of butcher’s shops, you contact us.