Avant-garde pastry shop decoration


Decoration of bakeries: big or small, they are all unique

Many of the shops we usually go to are small and don’t have much space. However, if we know how to use all the elements correctly and we take some of the keys to commercial interior design and cake shop decoration into account, we can make the most of the space and achieve a perfect shop.

In this case we are going to focus on the decoration of patisseries, however, this can be applied to any other business or shop. Singular Shop would like to give you some tips on how to achieve a dream shop:

  • Use the entrance. We often forget to decorate or take advantage of the entrance to the establishment but doing so can be very beneficial. If the legislation allows it, you can place tables outside where people can have cakes or other treats and you can add plants or banners with your logo or an original message.
  • We recommend you use light colours for the decoration of patisseries, as they convey a feeling of spaciousness. You can include some other colour that represents your shop or simply let your products be the main attraction.
  • Make the most of the walls. For small shops, the best thing to do is to place everything related to decoration on the walls; in this way, we manage to create a good atmosphere in the shop, without reducing the useful workspace. Try, however, not to overload the environment too much.
  • Use the lighting. In any small shop, whether it is a patisserie or any other, it is essential to make the most of as much natural light as possible, as it provides a feeling of spaciousness. If it is not possible to get sunlight, it will be necessary to strategically place artificial lighting.
  • Organised products. When we go to a patisserie, we like to see what we can choose from. If it is untidy or too full, it can lead to us feeling confused and we may not order anything.
  • Suitable furniture. Depending on the style we are trying to achieve in the patisserie, the furniture will have to be in line with it. That is to say, if we want a Nordic style, the ideal choice would be straight lines and white colours; if we prefer vintage, we can choose to restore old furniture ourselves and adapt it. The size of the space is what it is, so we should not overload the room too much.


The best thing to do if you want to decorate or refurbish a commercial space is to turn to professionals, as they will be able to give shape to what you really want. At Singular Shop we specialise in the decoration of commercial spaces and interior design, as we have a fully qualified team that will adapt to the individual preferences of each client.

Contact us through our website or by e-mail (info@singularshop.es) or by telephone on 93 546 81 11 and we will turn your small shop into a big business.