Decoration of bakeries


Tips on decorating bakeries

The design and decoration of bakeries has become increasingly important nowadays. Although it is a business that tends to have a regular clientele, there is a lot of competition, and it is important to stand out from the others in order to attract more regular customers.


Keys to creating a bakery that appeals to customers

Often these businesses are small and do not have a lot of space. This does not mean that they cannot create their unique style; they need to have a few items. Some of the key aspects to consider if we want a beautiful and busy bakery are:

  • Look after the storefront. It is not always taken care of as much as it should be. For any business, the entrance is essential when it comes to people deciding whether to enter or not. All the elements that we include on the outside must transmit confidence and encourage people to come in and buy.
  • Proper product placement. Depending on profitability and customer satisfaction, each item should have a specific place, and all staff should adhere to it.
  • Use quality equipment. In any business it is important to have the right tools and equipment. Generally, a bakery requires vertical freezer cases, where cakes or ice cream are kept, and a counter. A bar where people can have a bite is also recommended, as it creates a cosy and personal space.
  • Define a style. It is essential to know how to choose the type of establishment we want. To do this, we must think of a specific style and stick to it. It is common for bakeries to choose a rural style, with light colours and wooden elements, as it provides a warm and domestic touch.


Although most of these tips can be easily put into practice, there are others, such as the last two, which are more difficult to put into practice if you are not an expert.

For this reason, at Singular Shop we are at your disposal if you want to refurbish or need help in decorating bakeries. We can both define a style adapted to each individual client as well as set up all the necessary refrigeration equipment.

Set yourself apart from the other bakeries in your town and rely on Singular Shop.

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