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Commercial interior design - Shop design and decoration

Do you want your business to be of singular quality and have a unique personality?

At Singular Shop we strongly believe that your establishment is a key commercial asset, an essential means of connecting with your customers and increasing your sales. Therefore, we will advise you on what strategy to follow and we will handle the entire process.

What does Singular Shop have to offer?

Let our customers do the talking

Can Kiku cliente
Can Kiku cliente
Can Kiku cliente
Can Kiku Sant Feliu de Guixols

Xarcuteria Fosalva Cansaladeria (Deli)

Our experience with Singular Shop has been great from the very beginning. First, they made the commercial distribution, then delivered the design proposal while all the time adapting everything to our daily work needs. They also gave us advice on how to improve sales.
In addition, the execution time of the project was as expected; executed quickly, with good materials and finishes. We have really noticed the change. We work more efficiently and comfortably, and we have considerably increased our sales.

Can Kiku Sant Feliu de Guixols - copiar

Can Kiku Sant Feliu de Guixols (butcher’s)

For us the experience of working with Singular Shop has been great. From the very beginning they have grasped the idea we had when making each shop, and then they have executed it just like we wanted. They have made four shops for us, all of which, in addition to looking extremely beautiful, have been greatly appreciated by our customers. This is mainly because we are now able to display our products with more clarity and elegance. They have always met all the deadlines and they have been at our side during the whole project.

Carnissería Xarcutería Burgués

Xarcuteria Burgués (butcher’s)

I placed my trust Singular Shop because of their excellent judgement regarding the project, both in terms of commercial distribution and design. In addition, they have carried out the work quickly, efficiently and with excellent finishes.

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Our clients

Would you like to collaborate with us?

If you are a professional who works with wood, glass or any other decorative element that can be of use to us in your city, at Singular Shop, we love to collaborate with local businesses in each of the places where we carry out our projects. Therefore, if you like our interior designs, we would be delighted to hear your proposals to work together in the creation of innovative spaces with a unique personality.