Pastelería Cigne 2

Pastelería El Cigne


Pastelería El Cigne

From the moment these long-standing pastry chefs decided to trust Singular Shop for the development and assembly of their shop, we worked with them for a year to look after and adjust all the details of their new shop, which now has three generations of pastry chefs. From the most veteran to the most novice, everyone was involved in the development of the concept, looking for something modern, elegant, attractive, and in line with the great products they already produce.

Project info

Pastelería El Cigne

Types of showcases used: Fully customised display showcase based on the SS70 divided into 3 zones, neutral, cold storage, and cold freezing, all integrated in a showcase, and a display showcase with a sliding glass top in the showcase display.

Manresa, Barcelona.

Date: November 2015.



Plano Cigne


Render Cigne

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