Aus i Ovus Rosa

Aus i Ous Rosa

Market Stall Refurbishment /Polleries

Aus i Ous Rosa

This market stall had a clear requirement, it had to be light-coloured and have lots of light. And what could be lighter than white? Therefore, the aim was to create a design based on white while playing with the finishes of the textures. Thus, there is glossy, matt, homogeneous, ceramic and smooth white. This stall has two integrated workstations in its space: a cold workshop and a kitchen to prepare products using its own produce. The showcase has our innovative door system with retro glass.

Project data

Aus i Ous Rosa

Type of showcase used: SS85 gravity coil showcase with doors and retro glass

Mercat de la Muntanyeta – Sant Boi de Llobregat

September 2016


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