Casanovas Catering

Cooked dishes/Rotisserie /Delicatessen /Tastings

Casanovas Catering

Project data

Customer: Casanovas Catering

Place: Barcelona

Date: August 2019

Showcase: SS95 forced air with sliding door system

The Casanovas Catering project was carried out in phases, given that the business could not close due to the amount of work they have. The project started before the summer, with the redesign and work on their offices. The second phase focused on the kitchen area, and finally the shop was built in August, coinciding with the holiday period, when there usually is less activity.

For the shop, a forced-air display showcase with a sliding door system was installed. The showcase was manufactured in glossy white melamine to add a stylish touch. Opposite it and attached to the shop window, a green tiled cheese cellar displays the high-quality products.

Further towards the back of the establishment, a tasting area for snacking or eating, with two bars the length of the shop. The white melamine was combined with an elegant grey floor, finished in oak-style melamine with some areas tiled in dark green. The ceiling was painted black so that it would not stand out from the rest of the shop and the light would focus on the product and the furniture.


casanovas catering

Project plan

plano catering casanovas


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