peixos j arrom

Peixos J.Arrom

Fishmongers /Market Stall Refurbishment

Peixos J. Arrom

Project data

Customer: Peixos J. Arrom

Place: Mercat de Santa Caterina (Barcelona)

Date: June 2019

Showcase: SS85 gravity coil with special doors and glass



With this project, the challenge was to turn an important stall in the Mercat de Santa Caterina into an emblematic stall, just like the company that represents it. Peixos J. Arrom is known for its quality and the quality of its product, and they deserved a fishmonger’s shop that reflected this image. The trencadís (broken tile mosaic) on the back wall reminds us of scales and all the furniture, made to measure and profiled by Silestone, frames the shop’s logo. On the front, the most important change was the replacement of the classic fish display case with a gravity coil display case, which keeps the ice cold for longer, but at the same time ensures that the cold also flows over the fish, maintaining a better appearance throughout the day and better preserving its properties. The display case has an Aisi 316 stainless steel counter to avoid rust corrosion due to salt. It has a system of doors to be able to load the product from the front, and is decorated with a polygonal ceramic embossed texture that gives it an elegant and distinguished appearance. All of this is finished off with decorative lamps that have built-in special LED lights for fish, making the whole an outstanding fishmonger’s shop in terms of functionality and design.


peixos j arrom

Project plan

peixos j arrom


peixos j arrom