Cal Marc

Carnisseria Xarcuteria Cal Marc

Butchers /Delicatessen

Carnisseria Xarcuteria Cal Marc

Project data

Customer: Carnisseria Xarcuteria Cal Marc

Place: Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona

Date: September 2018

Types of showcases: SS95 forced air and SS85 forced air self-service showcases

The project carried out at Cal Marc was a challenge from the beginning. This family business with a rich tradition dating back to 1902 deserved a very meticulous and elaborate project. First of all, the intent was to make the shop entirely open-plan by using props and pillars to make more space, while respecting the upper floors, which are dwellings. Once the new space had been designed, the sales concept was updated, incorporating self-service showcases on both sides of the entrance to welcome the customer and display freshly made products. The entrance leads to the main showcase, with a modern but classic aesthetic and our original door system.

As for the decoration, it combines quality materials with wood and marble, seeking to give clarity to the design, given that it is a large shop and there are many areas to accentuate. Carefully designed lighting  highlights the product both in showcases and on shelves. And all details were taken care of, such as placing the shop’s logo in a spotlight to make it stand out.