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Cansaladeria Xarcuteria Fosalva

Delicatessen /Legumes and nuts /Market Stall Refurbishment

Cansaladeria Xarcuteria Fosalva

Project data

Customer: Cansaladeria Xarcuteria Fosalva

Place: Mercat de Sant Just Desvern

Date: September 2018

Showcase: SS85 gravity coil showcase with white display; door opening system

This project was conceived as the union of two market stalls. That is why there are two well differentiated areas: the cold products area, and the dry products area, featuring this octagonal design equipment and aligned with an octagonal structure made of bar grating, where the spotlights were housed.

The showcase area was decorated with tiled doors and a plain and smooth back, in the centre of which there is a cheese cellar over a counter to highlight this product.


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Project plan

singular shop fonsalva plano del proyecto


singular shop fonsalva render

Our clients

singular shop fonsalva clientes

Our experience with Singular Shop has been great from the very beginning. First, they made the commercial distribution, then delivered the design proposal while all the time adapting everything to our daily work needs. They also gave us advice on how to improve sales.

In addition, the execution time of the project was as expected; executed quickly, with good materials and finishes. We have really noticed the change. We work more efficiently and comfortably, and we have considerably increased our sales.