Carnissería Burgués

Carnisseria Xarcuteria Burgués

Butchers /Cooked dishes/Rotisserie

Carnissería Xarcutería Burgués

Project data

Customer: Carnisseria Xarcuteria Burgués

Place: Lleida

Date: September 2018

Showcases: SS95 forced air and SS85 forced air for self-service

For this project, the layout was designed to be closer to the customer, with a self-service display case that also acts as a showcase, so that they would feel surrounded by the product as soon as they entered. Then there is the L-shaped customer service counter, with a black display and door system and an automatic cash desk incorporated.

In terms of design, the aim was to separate the two areas, but providing continuity at the same time. The ceilings at two heights with a change of colour separate the areas, but the continuous floor invites you to go from one to the other.

The materials are warm, combining two different styles of wood, together with brown and white paint and white veined marble.

All the details have been taken care of so that the lighting is in accordance with the project, highlighting the display showcases, the areas with produce, and the meat ageing unit as a central feature behind the display showcase, making it the centrepiece.


Carnissería Burgués antes

Project plan

Carnissería Burgués plano


Carnissería Burgués render
Carnissería Burgués render 2

Our clients

Cliente Burgués Lleida

I placed my trust in Singular Shop because of their excellent judgement regarding the project, both in terms of commercial distribution and design. In addition, they have carried out the work quickly, efficiently and with excellent finishes.