Tarrés Mascaró

Frutería Tarrés Mascaró

Greengrocers /Market Stall Refurbishment

Tarrés Mascaró

Project data

Customer: Tarrés Mascaró

Place: Mercat de Sant Antoni

Date: April 2018

Showcase: SS85 gravity coil self-service with fruit counters

The challenge faced with this project was developing a design concept unseen before in greengrocers. This gave rise to the idea of developing an all-black greengrocer’s shop, in which light would be main protagonist, illuminating and highlighting only the colourful food of this type of shop. A gravity coil self-service display case was used for the freshest produce, which requires a lower temperature, and then the fruit and vegetable counters, all lined in natural black iron. Shelves and bars for hanging produce were placed at the back. The overall concept in black was enhanced with textures and finishes to give it volume, so that the product is undoubtedly the main protagonist, standing out against a black background, in a colourful and elegant way.


Tarrés Mascaró antes

Project plan

Tarrés Mascaró plano


Tarrés Mascaró render
Tarrés Mascaró render 2