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El Mortero Alegre

Butchers /Delicatessen

El Mortero Alegre

Project data

El Mortero Alegre


SS85 gravity coil meat display case, SS95 forced-air display case for deli, ready-to-serve and self-service products


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A large store with many possibilities and a column in the centre. We made an L-shaped showcase with separate units for customer service, collection, and dispatch. The showcases have a door system, without uprights, so that the product can be seen more clearly. In the case of the sales counters, they were decorated with melamine, whereas the self-service counters were tiled with maroon ceramic tiles. The grey ceramic walls, with polygonal cuts, also have red tiling to match the former tiles. A cheese cellar was also installed to highlight the product. The walls and the chamber are covered with small wooden slats 2 cm apart to highlight the texture. Behind the showcase, in the centre, an ageing meat dryer displays the highest quality steaks. The project also included an entirely glassed-in workshop so so that customers can see how the product is prepared.



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