Vidal Pesca Salada

Fishmongers /Market Stall Refurbishment

Vidal Pesca Salada

Project data

Client: Vidal Pesca Salada 

Location: Reus Central Market 

Date: 2021 

Showcases: SS85-E Retro glass with uprights

Vidal Pesca Salada has specialised in cod, olives, pulses, ready-made products, and smoked and salted products since 1969. 

In this project, the aim was to go for a sober and minimalist design with grey as the predominant colour, extending the stainless-steel shade. Then, emerald green, a very special colour, was used to imitate the colour of the sea. 

The display showcase at this stall is 10 metres long and consists of three different parts: olives, cod with water and ready meals. 

In this type of market stall, it is essential to have well assembled AISI 316 steel, given that the products are preserved with salt, which has highly corrosive properties. At Singular Shop we make sure that our materials are of high quality, such as the epoxy coating of the evaporator. 

At one end of the stall, a space was arranged for the preparation and washing of the products.

Starting point

Project Plan




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