Fontanals Delicatessen

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Fontanals Delicatessen

Project data

Customer: Fontanals Delicatessen

Place: Sant pere de Ribes (Barcelona)


Inauguration July 2020


Our starting point was a completely empty space, with large windows, but which needed a lot of space to display products, including a cheese storage and cellar, and a meat room with a maturation display.

A lot of emphasis was placed on self-service products, with self-service display cases and a large display showcase. Near the entrance customers are welcomed by a ham cutting table and a tasting area. The cheese cellar at the end of the shop, which is a preservation chamber with a large window that guides customers to the end of the shop, is part of the decoration. Behind the display case is the meat maturation area, and behind this, the workshop for ready-made products. The aim was to have an open and comfortable space to be able to see all the product from the centre of the shop, encouraging impulse buying while waiting to be attended.



Project plan



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