Pastry shop La Casa Blanca


Pastry shop La Casa Blanca

Project data

Customer: Pastry shop La Casa Blanca


Location: Castelldefels

Date: 2022

Showcases: SS85-A free service and dependence

The La Casa Blanca project begins with premises to be completely refurbished in the centre of Castelldefels. A practically new construction project: without flooring or installations, but with the support of a family with a lot of enthusiasm.

The concept of creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere, like a home, can be seen from the entrance, where there is a frame that surrounds the façade and imitates the profile of a house. The entrance has the particularity of being diagonal. As the premises are relatively narrow, this allows a refrigerated display case to be placed in the shop window without taking up too much space.

Once inside the bakery, there is a longer refrigerated display case that allows cupcakes and small cakes to be displayed, which is accompanied by a neutral 3-storey display case in which pastries are displayed. There is also a vertical freezer below which, together with the ceiling decoration, is incorporated and creates the impression of a cake pillar. Next, a tasting area is supported by a wall of mirrors to give a sense of spatial spaciousness and to be able to taste the artisan bean coffees.

The end of the shop, on one side, belongs to the bakery, which, thanks to the glass windows, allows customers to see the process of creating all the cakes, which Blanca takes care of in great detail. On the other side there is a tasting area with a sofa and low tables that creates a more relaxed atmosphere and ends with a small terrace at the end as a natural oasis.


Project Plan



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