Xarcuteria i aviram Lucas

Delicatessen /Market Stall Refurbishment /Polleries

Xarcuteria i aviram Lucas

Project data

Customer: Xarcuteria i aviram Lucas

Location: Mercat Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

Date: 2021

Display cases: SS105-E with doors

This market stall project stands out for its great length. With a total of 19 metres from end to end, it has several different areas. The first is the self-service vertical refrigerated wall units, where people can enter the stall and pick up the product without the need for dependence. Next, there is a ham cutting table that incorporates a small self-service display case with packaged sachets. The next display cabinet is over 10 metres long and has a total display width of 105cm. It displays the main product of the parlour: chicken and meat, which require manual cutting. Finally, on the far right, there is a workroom area where the machinery used to produce the company’s products is distributed.

In terms of decoration, the two ends of the stall are clad in black wood, seeking elegance. In the central part, softer tones similar to the colour of the product are achieved, as is the ceramic of the front of the display case, which also provides continuity to the market’s own ceiling.

Starting point

Project Plan




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